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    My Name is Kou Lee..

    I shall make no attempt to win this election by pitting people against each other, playing identity politics, spewing hate or sowing discord. That is a cancer polluting our discourse and sickening our democracy.

    It is what destroyed the Roman, French and Russia Empire. America is too important to this world to let that happen.

    I have seen the face of evil in my native land of Laos. I’ve seen what that evil can do. We cannot kid ourselves about China and the terror that kind of government will reign down on the world if we allow it to become the sole superpower on the planet.

    America is the last great hope of humankind. The next 20 years will determine whether it crumbles or remains the force for good it has been the past 100 years.

    It will determine who has dominion over the world’s vital resources and whether they are used for good or evil.

    It will determine whether our children and grandchildren live free.

    For the sake of all who whose hopes and dreams depend on decisions we make, American needs a Congress that can get things done again. This world needs for us to lead again.

    Kou in his business