Fixing America’s Troubled Schools

By almost any measure, the United States is failing to prepare our children for the challenges of a 21st century world.

Despite the billions we invest in public education, American children lag behind the rest of the world in reading, math and science.

American students are being outperformed by those in China, Europe and Canada.

It’s been that way for 20 years.

In a 21st century world about to enter a second technological revolution, and an America facing fierce competition from China, it is imperative that we better educate our young, and better advance their skills in technology, engineering, math and science.

It is an American problem. It begs for national leadership. It is as important to the nation we shall be in this century as winning the cold war in the last.

• Upping the performance we demand of public schools, where all who graduate have the skills required to get a job, keep a job or go to college.

• Allowing children trapped in failing schools to enroll in a school that works.

• Helping middle and lower-class children go to college, and graduate college without being saddled with a lifelong load of college debt.Winning the battle with China for supremacy in science, quantum physics and engineering begins in the classrooms of American Schools.


Winning the Technological Revolution

The global struggle over freedom and liberty will not be fought with nuclear weapons. It will be an economic struggle driven by advances in science, software and artificial intelligence.

This world, our world is entering a new technological revolution. It will forever change the way we live.

Data will move 100 times faster with 5G. It will be followed by a race for 6G, which will be 100 times faster than 5G. With it will come driverless cars, rapid advances in medicine, robotic manufacturing, smart homes and green technology.

The country first to the gate with the equipment and software required to build it out will set the world standard. The country first to the gate will be the world’s pre-eminent superpower in the21st century.

All in this world who wish to live free have a stake in struggle between the world’s greatest democracy and citadel of freedom, and the world’s most tyrannical and totalitarian regime.

We have what we need to win. All it takes is political will.

• A national effort to spawn innovation through scientific research, in partnership with what are already the finest research labs and universities the world has known.

• Getting the country wired. Internet, broadband, cell towers are as important today as electricity was 100 years ago.

• Fixing our Cybersecurity problem. An attack that shuts the electric grid for a week would cripple the U.S. economy. Pipelines, ports, our food supply, dams, hospitals, factories and government entities are sitting ducks until we get serious about protecting the technology that makes our economy work and governments function.

A Real Commitment to Renewable Energy

The time for renewable energy is now. The more it is used, the cheaper it becomes.

The more affordable it becomes, the more people will use it.

It will create an infinite number of jobs as we better learn how to harness the power of the sun, wind and water. The United States must lead.

 When we do, the rest of the world will follow and buy it from us.

I support the effort by the Congress to advance our renewable energy future.

• The time to construct of high-voltage transmission lines required to utilize wind and solar power is now.

• We need to increase the tax credits and research subsidies to create green energy locally, and green jobs nationally. We have subsidized the fossil fuel industry for a hundred years. We can help the green energy revolution get started.

• We need to make our farmers a partner, allowing them to profit through carbon credits by reducing tillage, increasing crop diversity and adding cover crops that take carbon dioxide out of the air.