Who Can Circulate/Collect Petitions? 

  • The petition circulator does not need to be a resident of Wisconsin, but they must be  eligible to register to vote here – meaning 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and not  serving any portion of a sentence for a felony offense. They do not need to be currently  registered to vote in Wisconsin or any other state.

Who Can Sign? 

  • Petition signers must reside in the district where the candidate is seeking election, in this  case within the State of Wisconsin.
  • Petition signers do not need to be registered to vote to sign the petition but must be  eligible to register and vote. That means signers must be 18 years or older, a U.S.  Citizen, have lived in Wisconsin for at least 28 days, and have not lost the right to vote  due to a criminal felony conviction for which the person is currently on probation, parole,  or extended supervision
  • Petition signers may only sign the nomination papers for one candidate for United States  Senate.

Rules of the Road 

  • Petition circulators must personally witness each signature, so papers cannot be left  unattended for signature collection.
  • Petition circulators should not sign and date the bottom of the petition until after you have collected all the signatures you intend to on the sheet. If the petition includes any  signatures dated after the circulators signature date, then those signatures will be  invalid. 
  • The names and addresses of petition signers must be legible and all information must be  filled out in its entirety. All fields except phone number and email are required by the  Wisconsin Election Commission and the signature may not be counted if any information  is incomplete.
  • Before handing in petitions, make sure you sign and date the bottom of the page.
  • Petition circulators do not need to fill all ten signatures on the page. Partially complete  pages may be turned in.
  • Petition circulators may only circulate the nomination papers for one candidate for United  States Senate.
  • Petition circulators should NOT fill out the page number at the bottom of the sheet. The  Campaign will do that.

Where should I collect signatures? 

  • There are many great places to collect signatures: Going door to door around your  neighborhood, at farmers markets or street fairs, outside of public events, etc.

Deadline to send back the Nomination Paper is 5/28/2022?

Download Nomination forms